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The Family Secret

Something else made Pat uneasy while standing there waiting to be called in. Pat spotted the black Bronco that looked a lot like the one he had seen earlier in front of the dollar store now parked at the other end of the parking lot, but this time he couldn’t see if the man was inside it. Seeing that Bronco with windows so dark sitting over there gave Pat an eerie feeling.

Patrick Horne, along with his mother and father, live in the small town of Waynesville. Life there is peaceful and down to earth, just as Pat’s parents like it. However, just before his eighteenth birthday, Pat begins to notice a mysterious black Bronco around his hometown, and shortly thereafter some unexpected visitors come to town. Pat will discover that his parents have been keeping a secret from him his entire life—a secret bound to change his life and ultimately place him in a battle for his—and everyone else’s—survival.